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Learn About Safety and Awareness With Paws on Patrol

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Do you want to learn more about safety while taking your pet for a walk? Well, now you can by becoming a volunteer for the Paws on Patrol program.

The Paws on Patrol program teaches participants to be more aware of their safety and surroundings while walking their pet. 

The National Association of Town Watch, the founders of community building campaigns such as National Night Out, initially started a program to help people in their community become more aware of their surroundings and report suspicious behavior. The Bellevue and Vancouver police departments then developed a similar program to bring to the Vancouver area. 

In the program participants learn when it’s appropriate to call 911 or 311, tips on being a better witness, how to become familiar with their neighborhood and even how to create friendships with neighbors. 

Mayte Gomez, a program volunteer, has loved learning more about her neighborhood and watching her dog chase after bugs while on walks.

“It feels refreshing to get out in nature and learn something new while just simply walking my dog around the neighborhood,” Gomez said.

The only requirement to be a part of the program is to be in Vancouver city limits. To learn more about the Vancouver Paws on Patrol program click here.

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