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Christina Victor Shares Her Culturally Inspired Public Art Project With Clark

Oakland International High School student’s “My Story is My Flag” project. (Photo from Christina Victor’s website)

Cuban-American artist Cristina Victor shared her multifaceted work during an Art Talk hosted by Clark’s Archer Gallery on April 16. 

Victor grew up in Miami in the ‘80s, when there was a massive influx of immigrants from Cuba. Her roots profoundly influence her work as an artist. She draws her inspiration from Cuban-American culture and her self-reflective work focuses on stereotypes she experienced growing up. 

“I think [Miami is] such an interesting example of influx of transients, aesthetically,” Victor said. “It’s so charged historically and it’s ever changing, so I feel like so much of my making comes from that city.” 

Victor’s main focus for the past seven years has been a project titled “My Story is My Flag,” a workshop that uses the study and design of flags to help participants create a unique design that represents their experiences. Victor shared many images of her own flags, as well as some of her participants’ flags and their accompanying stories. 

“Everybody has a relationship to a flag whether we know it or not,” Victor said. 

“My Story is My Flag” was created after Oakland International High School reached out to Victor in search of a project for their students. The students were mostly immigrant and recent refugee children from all over the world. Through this project, the students made flags for their own identity and “My Story is My Flag” was born, Victor said.

“I think that project is very special and it has the potential to go many places,” Victor said. “And I’m going to do it as long and as hard as I can.” 

A recording of Victor’s Art Talk, as well as past Art Talks from other artists, can be found here

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