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Robert Minervini Visits Clark College During Virtual Art Talk

“Sinking Cities” in the Menlo Park Facebook Headquarters by Robert Minervini

Painter and public artist Robert Minervini joined the Archer Gallery and Clark community to share his utopian inspired art during an Art Talk on Friday. 

Minervini’s art style combines ideas of contemporized historical movements, the dichotomy between nature and man-made landscapes, cross cultural signifiers and retro utopia. 

“I try to place my work in a historical context and contemporary context,” Minervini said. “[While also] looking towards the future.”

However, Minervini’s art takes many forms. His piece, “As the Wick Burns” is created by layering textural elements like spray paint, hand painting and cutting out dry paint to collage together. This piece is influenced by the endangered flora and fauna in California. 

“As the Wick Burns” by Robert Minervini

Minervini got his start in high school, when his art teachers encouraged him to take art seriously. From there he went on to study at Tyler School of Art and earned his master’s degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. 


“Hyper-Natural Bay Area”, 2019 by Robert Minervini

His Italian heritage also prompted many trips to Italy, whose rich art scene inspired his interest in art history.

Minervini’s art has been featured in galleries across the country, including Hirschl & Adler Galleries in New York and the Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco. He also has murals featured at the San Francisco International airport and the Menlo Park Facebook headquarters. 

To watch a recording of Minervini’s Art Talk click here

The next Art Talk will feature Michigan based multidisciplinary artist Jeffrey Augustine Songco on March 10.

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