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Hybrid Learning: Hearing Opinions From the Inside

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Almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for Clark County’s high school students return to school are constantly changing. 

While different school districts have their own plans for when their students will return to the classroom, one thing remains clear; students are not confident that their return to school also guarantees their safety. 

Seventeen-year-old Clark College Running Start student and Union High School senior Joshua Helm says he is eager to get back to his classroom. However, Helm said that the safety of everyone should be a top priority. 

Like many other high schoolers in Clark County, Helm has missed out on most of his junior and senior years. He said that he is following the state’s regulations and is staying home, only visiting his school rarely under the instruction of his teachers. 

“Being back [at school] felt like being back inside myself again,” said Helm. 

Even though Helm’s time in the public education system is coming to an end, he has still shown concern over the current state of the system. He expressed that he felt school-age children should have a more stimulating learning environment than being on a screen most days.

“There’s a lot of rumination that can happen, spending so much time in your home, alone or if you have family, sitting in the same room, same house, every day,” said Helm. “It’s not a normal thing to sit through every day.”

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