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Archer Gallery Retires Laura Hyungjhee Kim’s “Living Lab”

(From ‘Living Lab’ by Laura Hyunjhee Kim/ Courtesy Archer Gallery Archive)

Archer Gallery said goodbye to Laura Hyunjhee Kim and her exhibition “Living Lab” during a virtual closing reception held on Friday.

The reception, hosted by art professor and Archer Gallery curator Michelle Ramin, allowed Kim and the audience to reflect on her exhibition. 

“Living Lab,” which opened November 2020, is a virtual exhibition that features a series of multimedia pieces presented in a bookshelf like fashion. Her pieces focus on “feelosophy,” which is an idea best described by Kim herself. 

“[Feelosophy is] kind of like this open map idea where I feel like there’s no beginning or ending,” Kim said. “And I need to tend to what I’m going through, my emotions and my feelings to be able to be more empathetic and compassionate towards the subjects that I work with.”

Kim describes her art as a sort of autobiography; it is very personal to her and what she is going through. Kim’s love for video began when her father would record VHS tapes of her and send them to her grandparents in Korea. Since then, video has been a central part of her art. 

Most of Kim’s work is online and virtual. She describes the tricky notion of authorship in the internet age, as she tries to depart from the idea that she is the sole maker of her art. 

“Everything in this exhibition is not just me, myself and I,” Kim said. “But it is me and the world.” 

Living Lab can be found under the archived exhibition tab of the Archer Gallery website. 

The next Archer Gallery exhibition, “Calm Under the Waves in the Blue of my Oblivion” by Yulia Pinkusevich, opens Feb. 19.

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