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Clark Confirms Spring 2021 Quarter is Also Online Only

Get comfortable with remote learning, because Clark College will still be online during Spring quarter. 

Clark College President Karin Edwards announced earlier this week in a campus wide email that Clark has decided to extend its remote learning modalities through spring 2021. 

The decision to stay online was made in the interest of safety. Clark is monitoring changing conditions and will slowly lift restrictions when they see opportunities to.

“As a large institution with nearly eight thousand students and one thousand employees, we must consider health and safety first and foremost,” Edwards said. “We have listened to requests from faculty, staff and students who are looking for certainty in order to make plans during a most uncertain time.”

Similarly to this quarter, winter and spring will still offer limited face-to-face labs. These will be within the “Hybrid” class modality, which is reserved for specific career technical programs and labs with hands-on requirements.

There will also be “Online” and “Remote” class modalities. “Remote” classes involve scheduled meetings using zoom or similar technology, while “Online” classes are asynchronous with no mandatory scheduled zoom meetings.

“When a vaccine becomes available and is widely distributed, as conditions change, the college will evaluate risk and benefit in each decision to ensure a gradual return to campus,” she said.

“We look forward to the day when we can return to campus and do so safely.”

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