Support The Indigenous This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an opportune time to recognize the many injustices indigenous people in the Americas have faced, from the Indian Removal Act to kidnappings and forced assimilation

It’s also an opportune time to change our ways, to support indigenous people today. 

There’s plenty of national organizations and funds that support indigenous people, take time to read about who they are and donate if you can.

The United Natives is a nonprofit that supports native youth, founded by Dr. Crystal Lee, an advisor of both the United Nations (UN) North American Indigenous Caucus and the UN Indigenous Women’s Caucus. 

They are currently working hard to assist in COVID-19 relief efforts across the country, including the Navajo Nation, which has been hit hard by the virus. The Navajo people are in lockdown till Dec 6 due to the recent surge of infections and are reporting an additional 221 cases, bringing their total to 15,616 cases since the pandemic began.

Seeding Sovereignty is an indigenous-led collective that invests in Indigenous folks. They do food sovereignty work and community building. Currently, they work in partnership with tribal communities to provide PPE and essential aid. They identify as an “Indigenous, womxn-led collective.”

First People’s Fund was founded to support indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. They specialize in grantmaking initiatives such as the Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards, Our Nations’ Spaces and Indigenous Arts Ecology Grants.

Most of us are struggling during this pandemic, and while it’s important to be grateful for what we have, it’s also important to give when we can. The situation in the Navajo nation is indicative of what many indigenous people face right now.

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