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Clark Students Overcome COVID-19 Obstacles

The 2020 fall quarter has been a very difficult one for many students. Not only are we in the middle of a pandemic, but it has forced many to learn and do all work from home. 

Many colleges across the country are staying virtual this winter. Every student faces their own obstacles during this pandemic, but a common issue has been finding access to a printer. 

17-year-old running start student Tyler Garcia says he used to use the Cannell Library for all of his printing necessities but had to look for his own printer this quarter.

“It only took a couple of weeks for the printer I found to break,” said Garcia. “Luckily I found out I can print and pick up my papers at the Vancouver Mall Library while my printer gets fixed.” 

The pandemic hasn’t been bad for everyone though. Cindy Renfroe says the virus has given her the opportunity to finish her associate degree sooner than she thought she would.

“I prefer face-to-face learning but I haven’t had that choice for the last couple of quarters. Normally, I would have to go through the struggle of picking classes that fit around my work schedule,” Renfroe said. “These last couple quarters I have been able to pick the classes I want and didn’t have to worry about class times or my work schedule getting in the way,” she said. 

Many colleges across the country are moving away from only offering virtual instruction to offering more of a combination of in-person and virtual classes.

According to this article by the Community College Daily, 73% of community colleges offered only virtual learning last summer. In the summer only 20% of community colleges offered hybrid in-person and online courses, this fall that number rose to 87%. Only 5% of community colleges offered exclusively virtual learning this fall. 

Printers are available for use in Clark computer labs by appointment only and can be scheduled here. Each student has $15 worth of free printing credits each term, additional credits must be purchased.


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