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Queer Student Luncheon Focuses on LGBTQ+ Lives During COVID-19 and Political Turmoil


Illustration by Golden Guevara

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion held a Queer Student Luncheon on Thursday, which featured a panel of queer Clark employees. 

The virtual gathering was held on Zoom and began with community building time, which was followed by a Q&A session. The participants were asked questions regarding their lives as members of the LGBTQ+ community and advice they would give to younger members.

The panel spoke about a range of topics, including the current political climate, COVID and family. Michael Brown, the dean of Clark libraries and academic success services, shared how he finds peace despite the state of the world.

“I find strength from the idea of hope,” said Brown. “Believing that not the whole world is full of hate.”

The event’s goal was to build community among the LGBTQ+ members at Clark.  

“Love is the root of all things that make this world go round,” said Brown. “I just try to maintain that and that pocket of love that surrounds me.”

Rosalba Pitkin, the diversity outreach coordinator, said that the ODEI is struggling with student outreach during COVID-19 and encourages students to attend events like this one. 

The next Queer Student Luncheon will be on March 2.

“Things like this [event] definitely bring comfort to my soul,” said Brown.


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