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Ballot Drop Box Placed on Campus

There has been an official ballot drop off box placed on campus. The box is located on the west side of campus just east of the flagpole. Placing your vote has never been easier.

If you are 18 years or older and are eligible to vote you can register here. You can also check your registration status on the same website. If the Clark College ballot deposit is still quite a distance from you, you can find a closer location here.

Clark student Travis Thompson said  “voting is important because this is our chance to make a difference and hopefully have a positive impact on our future and our kids’ futures. If we don’t speak up now nothing will change.” 

Another student, Taylor Renfore said, “We’ve seen what Trump has done over the last four years. Last time our generation didn’t have much of a voice, so we need this time to be different.”

Student Juan Morales said, “We need a new leader in this country, one who cares about everyone.” 

Two years ago the United States had its biggest voter turnout in over 100 years. 49.3 percent of eligible voters went to the polls in 2018 for the midterm elections, including a “blue wave” that led to Democrats taking back the House of Representatives. Turnout numbers are expected to grow in this year’s election.

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