Clark’s Tutoring Center Adapts to Serve Students Virtually

a graphic depicting chairs in front of computer screens displaying the virtual tutoring center
(Illustration by Golden Guevara)

When Covid-19 shut down the Clark College tutoring center on March 16, it had just two weeks to transition from a mostly in person platform to one that was completely online.  

“It was a pretty heavy lift,”  program director Janice Taylor said.  

The accounting and business students were particularly affected because they were reliant on the tutoring center for homework help sheets and in-person tutors to help them stay successful.  

“We were trying to figure out how that cache of students were going to get through the term without having that space available to them,” Taylor said.  

The solution was to create a virtual tutoring center during the turnaround period between Winter and Spring term. The homework help sheets that had been available in the business and accounting center were converted to a digital format and uploaded online, and a Zoom schedule was created so that tutors could meet with students who needed support.

Along with Taylor, program coordinator Chris Chaffin helped to create an environment “that is basically just a virtual recreation of what we do in our centers,”  Chaffin said. 

According to Chaffin, the response so far has been positive, especially with the repeat students. They’re grateful that services are still available. 

In addition to business and accounting, the tutoring center offers assistance in language and writing as well as math and science.  

“We are a small but mighty crowd,” Chaffin said.

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