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Letter From the Editor: Penguins Persevere



The start of a new school year means a change of seasons and a change of leadership at the Independent.

 I, Nick Gibson, will be editor-in-chief for our student-run news organization this year.

I joined the Indy at the start of the winter quarter in 2020, as the first faculty strike in the school’s history shut down campus for 3 days. I published my first story the very next day: a radio report featuring interviews from union members.

I thought that would be the biggest news of the year and wow, was I wrong.

The pandemic changed life as we know it, devastating wildfires ravaged the West Coast and protests against racial injustice sparked after the police killing of George Floyd continue to this day. Oh, and did I mention it’s an election year?

Whatever big news breaks over the next year, I know the Indy will continue to provide our community with accurate, timely and thoughtful reporting. The team of tireless photographers, reporters and editors that make up the Indy are ready for whatever may come next. We’re committed to serving this community.

Regardless of what happens, I know better days are on the horizon. Penguins are pack animals- we will get through this together. 

I encourage you to get involved with us by joining the Indy team, engaging with our coverage, or by reaching out with any questions, concerns, or comments. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news, in addition to visiting our website.

Good luck Penguins. Please remember to wash your flippers, waddle six feet apart and don’t be afraid to reach out. 


Editor-In-Chief Nick Gibson

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