Food Pantries Begin to Re-Open for Students in Need


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Rebecca Bafus, executive assistant for the Evergreen School District Foundation

Since the coronavirus has struck the nation, the Evergreen School District has been unable to help their families in need. Since the schools have closed their pantries have also been closed, no longer being able to help student’s families. 

 Rebecca Bafus, the Executive Assistant for the Evergreen School District Foundation, says “We help over 27,000 students in our district.” 

The pantries are in all the high schools and in several of the middle schools. The largest pantry is in Frontier Middle School, and it has been open for two years. 

The pantries help students and the students’ families who are in need of food, clothing, or any other essential items. Heather Rau, a parent who had students attend Frontier Middle School, said: “The pantries help out a lot of families, without these pantries families are struggling.” 

Since Washington is beginning to open back up in phases, the pantries have been able to open up in moderation. But not nearly to the extent they were before. 

Sandra Miller, who works with Bafus, said: “Since COVID-19 the schools closed, all the pantries have been put on hold.” 

Inside the pantries, students are allowed to take any essential item, which includes: toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothing, shampoo, deodorant, and even razors and shaving cream. They also provide food, and the students are allowed to take home daily backpacks that are filled with food for the family. The students are also allowed to take home weekend backpacks filled with food and even clothing. 

The Foundation works with the Clark County Food Bank and an organization called The FISH. “Clark County Food Bank provides fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as meat for families,” said Bafus. 

The foundation is funded through a yearly gala where donations are given through the event. They also take donations year-round.

The pantry at Frontier is starting to open their doors back up as the state opens as well. These pantries help the families inside of the district who are struggling and without these resources, the families are fighting for the essential things in life. 

You can look at the Evergreen School District Foundations website and the Frontier Middle School’s pantry page

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