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Optimistic Clark Sports Teams Look Forward to a Fall Season

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many changes in everyone’s life. Back in March it cancelled all spring sports. Which included track and field, softball and baseball. Many students were left without an opportunity to play their final season. While others were forced to look ahead to the next.
Fast forward to today, and it’s still unknown whether or not there will be a  fall sports season at Clark. In a meeting with Cross country coach Robert Williams and women’s soccer coach Peter Pickett they both said they don’t know how next season will look and are waiting for an answer from the college.

Coach Robert Williams

“The real hardship has been having to plan and move forward like you’re gonna have a season not knowing if you are,” said coach Williams. Many of his new players coming from out of state are debating making the move now that they are unsure if the season will happen. They don’t want to go through the trouble of moving and finding a new apartment, just to be stuck in it all day doing homework online.

Williams is reminding his players that they still need to move forward with their goals in life. He knows cross country doesn’t require the skill and technique other sports do that require more time for preparation. He is hoping there will still be some sort of cross country season to help motivate his newcomers to make the move to Vancouver. 

Coach Peter Pickett

Coach Pickett is also concerned about losing players. “The uncertainty isn’t helping with players who were planning on moving here from out of town or state. I’ve already lost one player from out of state as their family did not want to take the risk of her moving here with the unknown of online learning or COVID-19 quarantine restrictions,” the coach said. 

One person who does know what his fall season will look like is current Clark student Benjamin Espinosa who was voted as an all-star in the south region during his last season with the Penguins and is planning on transferring to Evergreen State College in the fall. He said, “Our season starts on August 15, and our first game is on Sep 5. I haven’t heard of any restrictions yet.”

Espinosa’s new school is part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) while Clark is part of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC). As of now both school’s have different decisions on fall sports, but we hope to see both school’s teams out there competing later this year. 

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