Clark Student Shares His Passion for Music

Jamey Frey, blonde hair, white, camo shift, smiling
Jamey Frey, 19 year-old Clark Student. Shares a passion for Music.


Jamey Frey, also known as his stage name Kidla, is a student at Clark who is pursuing his passion for music. He found his passion for making music by attending his first concert. When he saw the energy from on stage he realized that was what he wanted to do with his life. 

After going to his first concert he started to make raps and songs in his sophomore year of high school. He started to edit and create with a free audio software app. 

He was inspired to go out and try to find new people and new things that help him pursue this new found passion. 

“When I met some of the ‘local celebrities’ in the area, I became inspired,” Frey said. “I wanted to push my boundaries further and try to become better.” 

Frey said that he was only able to pursue music and school from the free time that he would have on the weekends. He also spoke about how he is able to make money, “I use a distribution company, which distributes all my music to different platforms and I am able to keep all of the profits.”

He learned to make music from his cousin, who taught him how to mix together different types of music. In order to make his music, Frey uses a software that uses waves mercury plugins to mix and master his vocals. He finds a beat he likes and then he starts to write his notes, once he gets it to his liking to record it. 

Frey enjoys his passion, but now does it in different ways. He says that he now does it more for himself than for people to see him. He plans to continue to write and produce but mainly for himself. 

Frey’s music can be found on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google play.

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