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Graduates of Clark: Jodi Thomasian

Jodi Thomasian is a student-athlete at Clark College, and plans to graduate with her associates degree this month. She has spent the last couple years playing softball and basketball with the penguins. Thomasian is now planning on transferring to San Diego Christian College to continue her softball career and earn her degree. 

The decision to move to San Diego wasn’t an easy one to make. After COVID-19 cancelled her final softball season at Clark she knew she wanted to go to a school that would give her the opportunity to continue playing softball and help her reconnect with God. 

This isn’t the first time Thomasian has had to move away to attend college. She is from The Dalles, and had to move away from home the first time to attend Clark. Just like with her move to San Diego, Thomasian said Clark presented her with great opportunities, “I had the opportunity to play two sports, the cost was low, and I love being near Portland.” she said. 

Thomasian said she really enjoyed being a part of Clark’s softball team, “We definitely had our ups and downs, but I thought we were all so close. I loved my experience with the team,” she added. Thomasian also praised her time in the classroom, “I loved my time at Clark. I never really had a bad professor and the classes were good. I loved my journalism class and the art classes I took.”

As Thomasian graduates from Clark and moves on the next chapter in her life. She leaves some advice for new students attending Clark from out of town, “Just try and build a support system in Vancouver. As far as teammates, classmates, coaches and the athletic department. They are all so supportive and help a lot throughout your time at Clark.”

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