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“Congrats Grads”: Graduating Clark Students Receive Celebratory Yard Signs

(Matthew Fields/Clark Indy)

On June 8 in the afternoon, graduating students at Clark College who signed up for virtual commencement rolled into the red lot and received their compensation, a “Congrats Grads” yard sign to share their success.  

The event also took place on June 11, from 9-11 am. All participants had to remain in their vehicles at all times, and all others were expected to practice social distancing guidelines, wear face masks and stay six feet apart.

Michelle Golder, the Events Services Manager said: “The signs are a trend we are seeing as another way to recognize and celebrate the Class of 2020.” 

“It was also an opportunity for them to come to campus one last time and for faculty and staff to cheer for them as they arrive to pick up their sign,” she said.


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