Vancouver Black Lives Matter Car Rally Filled the Streets in Solidarity

Reporting done by: Cat Duque


“This is probably 10 miles worth of cars,” Terri Niles, a volunteer coordinator for Vancouver Women’s March said. 

The NAACP Vancouver and YWCA hosted the Car Rally for Black Lives in Esther Short Park this afternoon. The rally was held near the Salmon Run Bell Tower, in the southeast side of the park. 

Cars with ralliers filled the Tower Mall parking lot, lining both Mill Plain and McLoughlin Boulevard. Several cars from the rally on Mill Plain drove through the park. One police officer regulated traffic between the intersection of Mill Plain Boulevard and North Devine Road. 

“I just had to start walking up to cars and telling them ‘Thank you!’ and I started crying,” Niles said, “I’m with the Vancouver Women’s March and that’s where I got my volunteers because when you want something done what do you do? You call a woman. So within a couple days I was able to get a bunch of volunteers from them. This is pretty amazing, we ended up with 45 volunteers in two days.” 

Ralliers chanted to passersby saying, “Black Lives Matter”

“white silence is violence”

and “hands up, don’t shoot”.

Cars honked in support for the event.

“I’ve been such an activist in this for a while and this is pretty incredible,” Niles said, “I know they did this in San Francisco where they just drove around the city, but this is a more organized thing.”

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