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Weight Training Class Continues Online

Clark College along with other colleges across the country was forced to move their classes online. While some classes may be easier to switch to online others present more of a challenge, for example beginning weight training. 

Mike Arnold is the instructor for Clark’s PE 115 beginning weight training course this quarter. He says he wasn’t surprised by the decision to move classes online, but he knew it was going to be interesting.

 “Some classes have gone better than I thought. The weight lifting classes have been a real challenge, however.” He said. 

Originally Arnold was hoping classes could resume towards the end of the quarter and was planning to make up the skill set portion then. That didn’t go as planned, “Since the weight lifting classes are skill-based, they are not like fitness classes which are more movement based and the requirements for movement are less exacting to increase heart rate, and get an excellent workout. So the outcomes of the weight lifting class have been challenged by our current situation,” he added. 

Arnold mentioned one student who couldn’t find a pair of dumbbells for purchase in all of Longview.

Learning canvas, uploading, teaching and evaluating content online has been a challenge for Arnold. He says it’s been a great experience though. However, he will not be teaching this class online again. He is making a positive out of a negative and looking forward to including the new tools he learned in quarantine, like a canvas shell to help make for a better learning experience.

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