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Clark Student Shares Thoughts on Re-Opening

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a new order for phased re-opening. Smaller counties can now apply to move into phase two. Clark County was initially eligible for phase two but was recently denied.  

Social distancing is one way people have been taking precautions. Staying six feet apart at all times when we’re out in public is one thing to keep in mind. 

Clark Student, Cole Anderson, feels that the state is moving too quickly into the phases. 

“When we start opening back up, that’s when the second wave of the virus is going to hit.” 

He feels that the stay at home order needs to continue to make sure that everyone will be safe. The more people are out and moving around in public, the worse this virus could get. 

Opening the state up is a risk, but the state is trying to get back to normal as soon as possible. Slowly opening the state up is also another way to  make sure that the virus is being fought. Now, we can monitor where the spread is coming from and shut it down. 

With monitoring the phases and social distancing, the virus should come slowly to a halt. The precautions that have been set in place is a way to ensure a safe return to normal everyday life.

Anderson believes that everyone needs to stay at home to stay safe, and if going outside people need to take the precautions of wearing a mask. 

“I am ready to return to the way this once was, but only if everything is safe,” Anderson said.

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