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International Student Travels to Clark Only to Take Classes Online

Daniel Dos Santos, a 19-year-old international Student

19-year-old Brazilian International Clark student Daniel Dos Santos is paying more for less than he expected. 

 Dos Santos has three online classes this quarter, all three classes were supposed to be in person. He has a zoom meeting three days a week for his math class. For another class, he has a group meeting that sometimes meets on Fridays. 

Dos Santos believes it is unfair that he has to pay so much and isn’t getting what he is expecting. Online classes for him are harder and he doesn’t feel he learns enough. International students go through much more to get to college and then pay triple the amount of in-state students. 

“I would much rather be in class,” said Dos Santos. “I learn more but also it helps my grades to be in person.” 

For some, online classes may be more difficult. They no longer have discipline inside the classroom like they are accustomed to and feel they are on their own. International students are feeling the pressure due to them having a lot more at stake. 

Dos Santos feels it is unfair that the payment due to the different currencies, “The currency to foreign countries is different and we always end up paying an absurd amount.” 

Online classes are something that Dos Santos is very unfamiliar with. “Online classes are something that is not common in my country,” he said.

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