Club and Program Funding Will Change in the Fall

Clark College, like other community colleges in Washington state, have made the decision to move the Fall term online. This has raised questions on how the college will handle certain fees, activities and funding. 

There are about 48 clubs and programs at Clark. In order to receive funding, they must send requests annually to the S&A fee committee. The S&A fee committee is in charge of allocating funds to different programs. Though that process is likely to be changed in order to adapt to the online term. 

Masha Cole, ASCC Finance Director is in charge of ensuring next year’s transition runs smoothly. 

“We want to support our clubs and programs in the best way possible,” Cole said. ”The Club Coordinator is currently working on creating a Canvas shell to make it possible for Clubs to get chartered next year through an online process.”

Although there are no specifics yet, it is expected for clubs to continue to have access to seed money, club budgets, and both long term and one-time funding from the club service funding. 

ASCC is also taking into consideration remote learning when making funding decisions.   “Because there will be no students on campus during the term, so programs won’t need as many supplies, materials, printing, and goods for summer and fall,” Cole said. 

In addition to this, the S&A committee will be evaluating which fees are appropriate for the upcoming academic year. It’s important to note that these fees cover and support different services at the college; childcare, counseling and health services, penguin pantry and student employment. 

The S&A fee committee has not yet made a decision but is expected to in their next meeting.

We all are working really hard to make sure that students have access to their classes and services available at Clark College,” Cole said. 

“It was a very challenging switch to online and it will take time to make it all work properly, but I am truly inspired with the passion of administrations, staff, faculty, and student employees, who are going out of their way to make sure that everybody feels the support and love that we all need in such a tough time,” Cole said. 

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