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Clark’s Virtual Gaiser Hall


Doors to Gaiser Hall closed with signs for school closure
Closed doors to Gaiser Hall. (Cat Duque/Clark Indy)

Gaiser Hall and the services within are practically essential to any student at Clark. It’s where students get advice on how to go about choosing classes and programs (Advising), where they buy textbooks (Bookstore), and where they get help discerning confusing financial jargon (Financial Aid). 

With Clark currently in remote operations, it’s a little harder to access those services. As written frequently on Clark’s website, they are “still here for you, just doing things differently.”

On April 27, Clark officially started what they call “Virtual Gaiser Hall.” Selena Castro, Dean of Student Enrollment, said it can be found at the bottom of the MyClark page. 

“Virtual Gaiser Hall is a collection of Zoom rooms that went live this week [week of May 4] and enable our departments to provide drop-in services,” she said.

There are Zoom rooms for Advising, Career Planning, Student Employment, Enrollment Services and the Welcome Center.  Initially, students will be put into a waiting room until someone can assist them. Alternatively, students can connect with departments by calling into a Zoom lobby.

“Departments have the ability to pull students into private breakout rooms in Zoom for more individualized conversations,” She said.

Contact details for the Zoom meetings can be found here below the virtual assistance section.

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