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Counseling and Health Services Are Accessible Through Zoom

Caring for your mental health during a trying time can be a big feat. Luckily, Clark has their own Mental Health and Wellness resources offered remotely over Zoom and Nurse Practitioner, Ashley Schumacher, is conducting appointments over Zoom as well. 

Dr. Bevyn Rowland, Chair of Counseling and Health Services said that she currently has a full schedule. Although, there are plenty of counselors that are available to help students. 

“I’m a worrier,” she said. “I really worry about how all of this is affecting us collectively and also our students,” she said. 

One of Dr. Rowland’s concerns during lockdown is that not everyone will have access to the same resources for mental health and counseling.

“Our students aren’t going to have access to the things they need,” she said. “Our students are potentially more vulnerable than other institutions.”

Dr. Rowland brought up what someone else said, which she feels describes the situation well and with proper nuance.

‘We’re not all in the same boat here. We are all in the same COVID 19 storm, but we’ve all got different boats, and some of us don’t have boats. Some of us have really fancy boats.’ and I think that comparison is really powerful.” she continued.

According to the Counseling and Health Center website, there are “online support groups and meet-ups facilitated by counselors” as well as information regarding how to make an appointment with any of the counselors as well as zoom waiting room hours.

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