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Witches of Clark: Jordan

Magick has always surrounded Jordan Ledbetter. A Clark College alumna, she was drawn to witchcraft from a young age. She said she didn’t start practicing until high school, and a year and a half ago she “claimed the identity of a witch and practiced almost every day.”

Jordan Ledbetter has always found herself fascinated by the natural magic in the world. (Courtesy of Jordan Ledbetter)

Ledbetter considers herself an eclectic witch, dabbling in all types of witchcraft. She began simple, working with stones and crystals on occasion, but faced backlash from her mom.

“My mom told me this knowledge was ‘of the devil’,” she said. “The idea is shared in fiction and other media, but satanism and witchcraft are very different.”

She’s seen other common misconceptions of witchcraft throughout her practice. “You do not have to wear all black and have a black cat,” she said. “We do love cats, but any and all animals are considered magical.”

If black cats aren’t your thing, don’t worry. “There’s no one way to be a witch, Ledbetter says. “Witches are all unique,” she said. “That goes for gender identification as well. Witches are men, women, non-binary, all of the above.”

Spell jars, crystals, sage, and a feather, candles, and pendulums are arranged on Ledbetter’s desk, each serving their own purpose in her craft. (Courtesy of Jordan Ledbetter)

Ledbetter has practices that make witchcraft accessible to everyone. There’s no need to spend money to practice magick. For Ledbetter, her daily practices are the most important and require no hard to find materials. She meditates daily to clear her mind and focus on her true intentions. She also uses moon water often.

“On a moon cycle, I’ll set an intention with the water and sometimes add crystals or herbs,” she said. “Then I just leave it outside for the moon to cleanse. I use this water in spells, ritual baths, cleansing sprays, and sometimes even drink it.”

A tarot spread surrounded by candles colored for different intentions and crystals. (Courtesy of Jordan Ledbetter)

On her TikTok, she does tarot readings and shares glimpses into her everyday life and her witchcraft. She’s always eager to answer questions in her comments and offers personal tarot readings for her viewers. You can find her there @daylightrelief.

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