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Clark Begins Using Zoom for Classes

As Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, it has forced places to quarantine. Shutting down spots that would contain large amounts of people such as restaurants, malls, concerts, and even schools. 

However instead of canceling school for the remainder of the year they have found an alternate way of doing teaching and that is through discussion boards or an app called Zoom.

Zoom is an app where people can hold video conference calls with large amounts of people at once.

Students have had mixed feelings about using the app as many prefer the in-person classroom environment.

Rodolfo Montiel, a student at Clark, has been using the app for his Spanish class. “I prefer being face-to-face because I feel like I can focus more in a classroom environment rather than being at home with distractions,” he said.

Other Clark students would agree with this such as Raelyn Clemmer. She prefers in-person classes because if a student has questions it’s easier to ask right away in person rather than over email or in a zoom chat.


  1. Michael Urruchua

    very good work keaniko gibson! i see a lot of potential in your writing! keep on keeping on pal!

  2. Walter Balls Cronkite

    Oh amazing stuff. Thanks for enlightening us on Zoom. Please always answer the who Who What Where When and Why. That should be in the lede.

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