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Spring Quarter Will Start and End Entirely Online

As the world faces a pandemic Clark college plans for next quarter to change classes from face-to-face to online or remote. 

Clark is taking measures to help slow the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition moving the start of spring quarter to April 20 administration has decided that classes in spring quarter will start and end online. 

Currently students registering for next quarter will still see face-to-face classes on the schedule but said that will change soon. Kelly Love spokeswoman for the college said that 6000 students are expected to enroll for spring quarter and that 5400 are already registered. Love said students that will be affected by the change will be contacted by the college to help them navigate their schedule. 

Love acknowledged that there are many details that are unknown and only a few that are. “We still have plans to make,” she said. 

picture of chairs spaced far apart
Evidence of social distancing becoming the new norm at Clark (Yanfei Lu/ The Indy)

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