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Students Benefited From Successful Clothing Drive at Clark

Clark College’s Career Center clothing drive was a success after racks bursting with blazers were left with a handful of clothing. 

The drive was held on March 4-5 and allowed students and the community to take home up to two full outfits for free, all they had to do was sign in. 

Career services welcomed all to shop around the many racks filled with professional clothing. From blazers, slacks, pencil skirts and even shoes the drive had it all. 

This year career services is planning to open the closet once a week from once or twice a year because of the amount of support and donations they have received. This allows students to have the option of going to the drive whenever they are in need rather than on the chance they have an interview at the same time as the drive. 

Heather Leasure who has been managing the drive this year says, “We’re going to try to open it (the drive) one day a week here (SCI 101), there’s a lot constantly coming in and we’re so blessed,” she said.

As people roamed around the countless neatly organized racks the crew at career services were more than happy to help anyone who needed it. From recommending free dry cleaning for our students preparing for an interview to finding a top to go with those slacks.

“I was so excited I could put together such a cute outfit that I wore it today,” said Alexis Bischoff-Burgess a student who works at career services. 

Alexis Bischoff-Burgess posing in a skirt and long sleave top outside
Alexis Bischoff-Burgess in her new outfit she got from the clothing closet

James Pyland who also works with the career center allowed us to style him in professional clothing for our article. At first, with the overwhelming amount of clothing, it was hard to put together a coherent outfit. We tried several variations of outfits from business casual to CEO attire. Pyland being over 6ft was a perfect candidate to promote the diversity in size ranges the drive offered. There were multiple options for him proving how inclusive this drive was.

James Pyland dressed in a suite
James Pyland in CEO attire from the clothing closet
James Pyland dressed in slacks, a button up shirt and tie
James Pyland in business casual attire from the clothing closet

 “I can already tell a difference in my confidence and how I feel,” he says in his charcoal gray suit as he adjusts the red patterned tie. “When you look good you feel good, I definitely feel more confident than when I walked in here with just a t-shirt and jeans,” he says.


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