How Students are Responding to the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads in Clark County, Clark College considers moving most of their classes online or delaying the Spring quarter. Many Clark professors have told their students this is a possibility and prepared them to potentially not meet in-person during finals week.

The Indy asked students how they would be affected if classes were moved online or if Spring quarter was delayed. 

Corbin Anderson sitting on Angelina Estes and Branden Daves in between them making a wide eyed face with tight closed smile.
Corbin Anderson (left), Branden Daves (middle), Angelina Estes (right)

“It sucks for me because I have really crappy internet connection at home, and so I wouldn’t be able to get work done”  – Angelina Estes 

“Would it also affect job trainings, like the CNA program or EMT?” – Branden Daves 

“For some students between online and physically going to a class it may have a motivational effect, I can kind of worry about that for myself but I also know I can do an online class.” – Corbin Anderson 

Jermaine Smith sitting on a lounge chair smiling
Jermaine Smith

“I do not like online classes, don’t get me wrong I’m a computer major, I don’t mind being online but doing it online is just so much more stressful, because you forget the deadlines, it’s just more tedious.. You don’t get the one on one help, you can’t just go to the front and ask the teacher, and hope to god they actually aren’t lazy and look at their emails” – Jermaine Smith 




Classmates Haven Davis, Hannah Runyon, and Tyrel Halme pose for a photo outside Hanna Hall.
Haven Davis (left), Hannah Runyon (center), Tyrel Halme (right)




“Personally, I have never taken an online class so I don’t know if I would do well. For the majority of people I don’t think this is serious. The scary thing about it is I could have it and it could not affect me, but I could go into a grocery store and kill five old people without knowing.” -Hannah Runyon 

“I’ve taken online classes and I don’t mind them but I think that all my classes I would forget a lot of assignments due. Not to mention the fact that not all students here have computers. Now everyone’s going to need Wi-Fi or get a laptop, or have to go to the library which is still going out in public anyway.” -Haven Davis

“Online classes don’t work for me because I just forget when assignments are due. I don’t have the motivation to go and do it.  I need the face to face and the “hey this is due next week” kind of thing.” -Tyrel Halme





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