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New Issue of Clark’s Comic Iceberg is Twice as Long This year

Clark College comics club member Nathan Vincent participates in the club’s information table at the Winter 2020 involvement fair.

Drawing caricatures can be kind of fun. A comic book shows a growing diary with youth and memories. Young people who like to paint would stick to their hand-painted dreams outside of their work or study, and continue to paint their colorful dreams and lives with pens. 

Iceberg is Clark College’s anthology of student-created comic books, graphic novel art and literature. This year, Iceberg comic book is planned to be 120 pages and 26 stories, which is twice as many stories as last year. 

The Clark Comic Club encourages students and staff who like to draw and write comic stories to click on their online application which is located on the Clark Indy website.

Students could submit either two, four, or six pages comic stories with color or black and write. Entries for the Iceberg 2020 need to be submitted online by April 5, 2020.

Bryce Van Patten, the Comic Club vice president, said the Comic Club has a big event, an Iceberg anthology release party, during the fourth annual Subtext Literary Festival which starts 1 P.M. on May 20.

“Guest editors, writers and authors will come to review the book and give feedback,” Patten said. “Our biggest goal is to submit or let more people be involved.”

Patten said the comic club has over 100 members, three officers and every Wednesday has a club meeting with eight to 15 members.

Isaac Carranza, the Comic Club new president, said the Iceberg is created by Clark Comic Club and also collects submissions from both the comic drawing and writing classes. 

“But a lot of people submitted last year, a lot of great artworks can’t get squeeze in. This year, the book is a lot bigger and has more pages.” Carranza said. 

This year, the Comic Club got more funding from ASCC than last year to support this year’s Iceberg project.

Carranza said there are six to seven speakers from the comic book industry to come and talk about the Iceberg in the release party.


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