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Student-Athlete’s Dream School Closes Down

photo of Miguel Cruz stading in front of a score board
Jett Pharn-Cromb Saturday, March 23, 2019. Humboldt State University. (photo provided by Miguel Cruz)

Earlier this month Concordia University in Portland announced they will be closing down this spring. The news shocked many students including Clark College track and field student Jett Pharn-Cromb. He recently committed to Concordia. “I was in complete shock, I couldn’t believe it,” Pharn-Cromb said.

Pharn-Cromb received a text from one of his friends who attends Concordia breaking the news to him. He immediately looked online for confirmation then reached out to other recruiters hoping he could still join their team.

 The Prairie high school graduate said he still has offers from Southern Oregon and Fresno State. He is also waiting to hear back from the six other schools who recruited him including Sacramento State, Western Oregon and Eastern Washington. 

Concordia was the easy pick for Pharn-Cromb. They gave him an irresistible offer that also landed him close to home. “I always dreamed of going there as a kid,” he added.

The coaches at Concordia offered Pharn-Cromb help to find a new school, but he wants to take his time with his options this time. “I don’t want to rush anything. I need to make the best decision for myself,” he said.  

Pharn-Cromb said his experience running for Clark has been great. He has friends and coaches on the team who help him get better every day. He is a leader for the Penguins and hopes he can carry that leadership on to a four-year program. 

“I would love to do track for another two years if I get a really good offer,” said the sophomore runner. “I know if I am not running I could focus more of my attention on my academics,” he added. “But, I definitely have unfinished business on the track and I really hope I can continue my running career.” 


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