Clark’s Board Packets Block Access for Blind Students

Three years after Clark adopted an accessibility policy Clark’s Board of Trustees agenda packets are still not equally accessible to all.

In July of 2017  Clark implemented a new technology policy that provides a framework to help Clark faculty and staff with implementing accessibility and required them to do so. This policy says that Clark Values Accessibility, yet three years later the same issues are still going on.

It is seen that the board meeting packets that are open to all community members to access are not accessible for people with visual impairments.

In order for web pages and documents to be accessible they have to follow certain ADA compliance processes. People with visual impairments often rely on screen readers that depend on uniformed formatting of documents. While reading Clark’s board of trustees agendas with a screen reader headings, subheadings, and alternative text for photo caption and or tables displaying information can be difficult to access.

Spokeswoman Kelly Love said that Clark continues to work on web accessibility. “This was an anomaly not a pattern.” she said. “We will fix the issue with agendas.”

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