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Share Your Clark Parking Woes Here

image of a packed parking lotWorrying about what will happen to your car while you’re in class is a worry that happens to Clark students on a regular basis.

Isaiah Emerson has stopped parking in the Clark’s parking lots due to a hit and run. Someone backed into his Jeep but didn’t report it or leave any information for him.

Emerson’s car is too large for the spots in the parking lots. Now he only parks on the street where the spots are bigger to avoid having his car hit again.

“Having a large car shouldn’t stop students from parking inside of the parking lots,” he said. “The parking lots shouldn’t be discouraging to the students.”

Have you experienced a hit and run or an incident in Clark’s parking lots? Share your experiences on The Indy’s social media pages using the hashtag #Clarksparkingstories.


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