Clark College hires new Athletic Director


On November 5, 2019 Clark College hired a new Athletic Director, Laura LeMasters.

LeMasters graduated from Washington State University in 2009 with a degree in sports management. “When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to work on sports. So I was looking at schools that had good sports management or sports administration. I had it narrowed down to New Mexico, Nebraska Kearney, and Washington State. The WSU program is amazing, and you get experience in the Division 1 athletic realm, and the required practicum and an internship, and the small town is all bought into being a Coug definitely sold me, and that’s how I ended up at Washington State,” said LeMasters.

LeMasters went to California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Sports Management and Kinesiology; she compared her time at WSU to her time at Cal State Long Beach and how here time there was different than WSU, but still a great experience. “I look back and consider myself a Coug, and I don’t feel like I have a connection with Long Beach. I lived on Studio City, so I was a commuter; I commuted two to three times a week depending on when class was. A lot of my classmates lived in Long Beach or Huntington Beach, but I was already in LA, so I didn’t move closer to campus. They get you out and networking with organizations, and I got to work with ESPN during X Games, and I did the ESPY awards. I got into college athletics through a connection with them. The experience was awesome, the courses and great program were great. I just don’t have that connection with my grad school like I do with my undergrad,” said LaMasters.

LaMasters said working in Sports Management at Washington State and Cal State Long Beach was fun. “Working at Men’s Basketball games during the Tony Bennett era and we were really good then, so that was a lot of fun and being part of the game management for a team that got to go to the Sweet 16, that was the highlight of being on the court behind them,” she said. “Setting up locker rooms for UCLA and those big-name programs that you looked up to as a kid. At Cal State it was really the experience of working for the ESPY’s and the X Games, and getting to see a different level of sports, and seeing professional athletes was cool.”

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