Clark student fights for a better future

Her kids looked at her from a distance, Rosario said with tears in her eyes.

“They don’t know me,” Rosario said.  

Rosemarie Del Rosario, a single mom and Clark College student from the Philippines, talked about her 18-years working as a nanny in Singapore to support her whole family with six including her two kids, 11-month-old and 2-years-old.

She was working hard for several families as a nanny in Singapore and sent most of her income to her family, Rosario said. However, she didn’t make enough to afford her dad’s medical bill and her dad passed away at 59-year-old with kidney disease.

“It’s really heart-broken to me,” Rosario said.

One of her employers brought her to the United States eight years ago. She worked harder and harder to fight for her life and her whole family’s life, Rosario said. 

“They don’t come to me,” Rosario said when she made back to visit her kids several years later. 

“I was crying,” Rosario said. Her kids didn’t recognize her and didn’t know how hard she had worked.

Life didn’t put her down. She decided to come to Clark College to work on her accounting degree. 

She continues fighting for a better future for herself and the whole family.   

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