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Drew Hunthausen Shares His Life Story

Drew Hunthausen at his talk on Nov. 5 at Clark College. (Rebecca Shuler)


On Nov. 5, 2019, Drew “No-Excuses-Blind-Guy” Hunthausen came to Clark College. While visiting Clark, Hunthausen gave a speech to students and faculty about his life story. Drew Hunthausen was a healthy 11-year-old boy living life, playing baseball and golf. Hunthausen was enjoying life.    

Doctors discovered he had bacterial meningitis and Drew recalled feeling scared when he heard the elevator doors opening to the hospital. He remembered opening his eyes and not being able to see, being half-deaf and in a wheelchair.

“I remember crying out to God each night with tears down my face wondering why I was going through this,” said Hunthausen.

Hunthausen said he wondered what was a blind kid going to do with his life. “I never thought that speaking to a group of students would ever happen to me,” said Hunthausen.

Drew said he had motivation behind being an out-going and positive person. “The hand you’re dealt is never the one you envision for yourself,” said Hunthausen.

As a blind man, Hunthausen has been in a triathlon, swam in the ocean, ridden a tandem bike and has been interviewed on Los Angeles TV Stations about his experiences.

Rebecca Shuler, Activities Programming Board employee, who coordinated the event, said she received a lot of positive feedback after the event. “The students really enjoyed having him on Clark’s campus,” Shuler said. “I loved his positive and friendly presence. He is very approachable. I felt that his speech was inspiring.” 


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