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Clark’s wacky Wi-Fi

Clark College has spotty Wi-Fi and internet connection on campus. This quarter the internet connection to the classroom computers went out at least twice. 

Bruce Elgort (Photo courtesy of Clark’s 24/7 web-page).


Bruce Elgort, Computer Technology Instructor said it is clear that having a good connection should be a normal part of daily business. “Reliable wireless access has become a “must have” feature of any establishment.” Elgort said. “Whether it’s a coffee shop, school buses, airport, restaurants, hotels etc. At Clark, where cellular is not available in most locations, having reliable Wi-Fi is a critical component to student success.”




The Indy asked students what their thoughts were about Clark’s Wi-Fi or if they’ve even been prevented from doing anything because of the sudden drops in internet connection. 

Lennice Owens (Joani Jagelski/The Indy)



Lennice Owens, Freshman: 

“It could improve. Computers aren’t a problem, but on my phone YouTube just loads and loads.” 



Dominic Frealey (Joani Jagelski/The Indy)



Dominic Frealey, Sophomore studying Psychology: 

“I feel like it’s pretty good most of the time, except in certain areas. It’s a pain to log back in. We should have cookies to keep us logged in.”




Halley Copper (Joani Jagelski/The Indy)



Halley Copper, Running Start Freshman: 

“[It’s] a little rough; I’ve had worse.” 




Odalis Sefoo (Joani Jagelski/The Indy)



Odalis Sefoo, Freshman studying Forensic Anthropology: 

“I don’t like having to reconnect and enter my password every time. If I need to access Canvas, I have to go to the library.” 




Ben Serna-Grey (Joani Jagelski/The Indy)



Ben Serna-Grey, Bookstore Employee: 

“[Today] the internet went down and we couldn’t make card transactions. I think culinary had the same problem, too.” 

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