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Clark College women’s soccer players discuss off-the-field goals

Maddie Goss

Madison Gross's soccer profile photo for Clark College.
Madison Goss (Photo courtesy of Clark College’s athletic web page)


“I got into soccer because my dad was into it. It’s my favorite sport because you don’t have to be big and strong like in football. You can be small and still make a positive impact.” Maddie Goss said. 

Goss’s favorite part of the season was when they played Lane on the road and beat them 2-0. “When we played at Lane and they thought they were in the game, because the score was tied at zero at halftime, and then we came out in the second half and scored two unanswered goals.” Goss said.

Goss is doing a two-year degree in radiology. “I started getting into it when I saw a lot of my friends have knee injuries; it made me want to learn more about that.” Goss said. 

Goss thought about professional soccer, but she said sports must come to an end at some point. “We dream about going pro when we’re little, and lots of us want to be like Alex Morgan. When we see people out there living your dream we want to do that someday. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve learned that there’s a life outside of playing soccer.” Goss said. 


Shalene Talkington

Shalene Talkington's soccer profile photo for Clark College.
Shalene Talkington (Photo courtesy of Clark College athletics web page)


“I grew up playing sports, and so did my parents, so soccer became my favorite sport,” Shalene Talkington said. 

One of Talkington’s favorite parts of the season was getting an assist from Goss when she made her first goal of the season and the 2-0 win they had against Lane. She said she wants to get a degree in early childhood elementary when she’s done playing soccer. 

“I grew up with a lot of teachers in my family. My brother is going to school to become a teacher and so is his girlfriend, and my aunt is a teacher as well and I love kids.” Talkington said.

“Hopefully I get to play at a four-year school and that will be it for me,” Talkington said, “I don’t want to go pro because I don’t want soccer to consume my life. I love soccer, but I want to do other things. I’m looking at Eastern Washington, Boise State, and maybe Western Oregon.” 



Kiara Kallie

Kiara Kallie's soccer profile photo from Clark College.
Kiara Kallie (Photo courtesy of Clark College’s athletic web page)


Kiara Kallie grew up in a sports mandatory household; she had to pick a sport. “I thought soccer was a good sport for me, and I just like the rush of it and how fast paced it is. I also run track and I’m thinking about doing that at a four-year school.” Kallie said. 

Kallie wants to study nursing at a four-year university and she’s considering Boise State, Multnomah, Portland, and Portland State. “I like helping people recover if they’re hurt and being there for them,” said Kallie. “At some four-year schools you can’t do both nursing and sports so I might have to choose.” 

Kallie talked about the successful season the team is having. “We’re undefeated on the regular season. There was only one tie against Portland Community College, and we beat them in the next game 2-0,” Kallie said. 

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