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Clark College Spanish Club explores the wonders of Machu Picchu


On June 27, 2019, seven Clark College students in the Spanish club traveled to Peru with their Spanish adviser, Felipe Montoya. The students studied at a university in Lima, Peru for three weeks.

Montoya said the trip was magnificent. One of the cities the club traveled to was Cusco, Peru. “It was a small town that was much calmer than Lima, Peru,” said Montoya.

The students had the opportunity to study the culture of the people who live in Peru. For some of them, this was a unique experience they will never forget.

Christina Sparks, one of the students who attended the trip, said it was her first time out of the country after she graduated high school. 

For Sparks, some of her favorite parts were how the lessons were structured and the places they got to see. “I was able to walk down to Machu Picchu,” Sparks said. 

One of the most memorable moments was when the driver took them to places that weren’t on the agenda, according to Sparks.  As she went through the experiences, Sparks liked how she could go up to people and just talk with them. “I would go back,” she said. 

Clark student and a current member of the club Tim Kintz also got the opportunity to travel with the Spanish club to Peru. 

“This was my second time visiting the country,” said Kintz on having traveled to Mexico 13 years ago. “Although, my perception back then was different. This time around I had more interest in their culture and the way people lived,” he said.

Two of his favorite moments about the trip were the food and their language. “For every plate that is served there is a piece of culture,” said Kintz. “I am [very] fascinated in languages.” 

During the trip, Kintz encouraged students to explore and seek support throughout the community, to ask questions and find out what it takes to live here. 

“For me, everyone was excited and eager to help me learn,” said Kintz. “This was more than just a once in a lifetime event for me.” 

One of the things Kintz brought back with him is “the energy and community effect,” said Kintz.

“[I] felt a sense of infusing and belonging,” Kintz said. “I felt at home.” 

He recalled feeling a sense of family about the community.  “If I could bring something back, it’s that family is everything,” said Kintz.

One of the main requirements for this trip is you have to be involved with the Spanish club.  These seven students paid $1,300 for the entire three weeks.  

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