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Lindy West spreads inspiration and self-confidence in her bestselling memoir “Shrill”



A title inspired by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Lindy West exudes confidence and inspiration through her New York Times bestseller, Shrill

For those of you who are unaware of the meaning, West describes shrill to, “reach above your station, to abandon your duty to soothe and please, in short to be heard.” In other terms, never let others tell you want to believe in yourself. You are the one and true creator of your life and what happens throughout every turning point. 

West tells her story of how she grew up among a society who judge those who don’t live their lives like they are expected to…small, quiet, and ready to comply with anything others will ask of them. For every weight loss pamphlet, a stranger handed to her and the trolls that taunted her words written in news stories; she found strength in her comedy.

The little comedian inside of her shows itself in Shrill, turning page after page you find yourself laughing at her jokes feeling like together this particular joke is only one the two of you will understand. Your heart reaches out to her when she shares the heartbreaks and loss she has suffered so far. 

A woman that ANYONE can find inspiration within, because her story is not meant for one specific audience. The power that seeps through her words, is intended for anyone to harness and hold on to. Never forget that whatever you pursue in your life, you always have the power to make a difference in the world, you only need to find, believe, and stay true to your voice. Like West states, “Progress is still winning. Be brave and be shrill.” 

Interested in reading more about the fabulous Lindy West? The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Target for $8.29, Walmart for $4.49, and Thrift books for $3.99. 


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