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Student begins her college journey at Clark

Kinsey Green (Adam Abarr/The Indy)



Do you remember your first quarter at Clark? That feeling of agitation as you walked across a campus bustling with students of all ages and backgrounds, trying to find your first class? Kinsey Green, 17, was feeling just that on the first day of this quarter as she sat in Hanna Hall worriedly checking the time on her phone.

Green is a Running Start student taking her first quarter at Clark, with the ultimate goal of having an impressive transcript for when it’s time to transfer to a four-year university.

There aren’t many people that Green knows at Clark, so for now she’s on her own when it comes to finding her way around. “I’m a bit nervous, but very excited,” she said.

Rather than work towards a major right away, Green has selected a smorgasbord of courses for her first quarter, including “American Politics,” “English Composition 1” and “Art Appreciation.”

Green said that so far she hasn’t had the opportunity to explore the variety of clubs and resources available to her as a student at Clark.

Despite saying she was nervous about her first day, Green was confident that this quarter would be filled with success and new opportunities.

Written by Adam Abarr

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