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Amateur Movie Producer Attends Clark in Hopes of a Creative Education


Clark College student Nathaniel Branstetter said he doesn’t know what degree he will get but he is confident of his career path.

He said that he and his brother have always talked about making movies. “I like to make people happy. If my movies make them happy, that will make me happy,” he said. Branstetter said that he is seeking a general transfer degree because Clark doesn’t have a degree path in directing. So he is trying to take classes that will help him to get a job directing, writing or editing.

Although he said he is open to working in any subject he does lean toward action and adventure.

“Horror movies are always good,” said Branstetter.

Branstetter and his brother have already produced short films and music videos. Work from the brothers can be found on YouTube under Mirror Image Productions. One film he spoke about is The Deadly Truth, a short film about secret experimentation on death row inmates.




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