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David Abts, dedicated custodian, dies at 56

Photo courtesy by Tina Landroche



Born in Portland and raised in Vancouver, David Abts lived his life in the Pacific Northwest until his death on August 29 at the age of 56. Having loved participating in sports his whole life, golf was one of his favorites. Abts won first place for the first time, at the Men’s Club International the day of his fatal stroke.

Before working at Clark College in facility services for a few years, Abts was employed with the Oregonian and later trained to become a Journeyman Press Operator.

Married for 25 years, he is remembered by his wife Tina Landroche, a Clark history instructor, of having a good sense of humor and having a great smile. Landroche remembers her husband priding himself of having been a dedicated worker his whole life. “[He] never missed a day of work,” Landroche said. “[He] was someone who was always there.”

To celebrate their 25th and last anniversary, Landroche decided to surprise Abts with a dinner at Wildfin American Grill where they dined right on the riverfront with a beautiful view of the Columbia River. “I had to tell him not to pry and he wasn’t allowed to use the GPS,” Landroche smiled recalling the memory. “He was always very curious though, one time I caught him snooping under our Christmas tree to see what he got.”


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