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Clark Graduates Give School Advice to New Students

Graduates were asked to give advice to future students after reflecting on their years at Clark.

Shalana Marshall


“I find talking with a lot of adult returning students like myself that some of us feel when we first go back, like, what are we doing here? Like, we’re too old to do this, or, what do we possibly have to offer,” Marshall said. “So my advice for the first part, might be don’t be afraid to go back and try it and no matter what it feels like. You don’t know if you actually have what it takes until you try it. So don’t sell yourself short.” –Shalana Marshall





Michelle Lowery



“My advice is to just schedule. I learned that. Schedule your homework as like a job. I learned that I had to do everything on campus. Because my house, being a mother, is not the best place to do homework. So use school as a workplace to carve out that time and make it a priority.”




Ngawang Choephel



“Definitely have a plan and actually think about your future more so than trying to wing stuff. I mean if you are sacrificing something, one day in the long run it’s going to pay dividends. Especially going back to when I was looking at it, I kind of just winged a lot of stuff and in the end I was like, ‘well maybe I shouldn’t have done it like that, because I could be somewhere else.'” –Ngawang Choephel





Ryan Oaks



“Ask for help early on. In anything. The facilities here have so many things for students to utilize and it’s so easy to just bypass it and not get the help, like you need. So when you are in need of something, there is usually somebody here to help. You know from health to dentistry, any of that stuff is huge.” –Ryan Oaks



Angela Kyle



“I just took online and evening classes so I didn’t really come on campus at all that first year. I didn’t know anybody, didn’t talk to professors. I just kind of did my own thing. I was like a ninja in the night. In and out, get my stuff in and that was about it. Looking back, I would say to get a little more involved sooner rather than later.” –Angela Kyle





Heather Leasure



“I wish I had known about all the amazing clubs and programs on campus. Getting involved this whole last year has been a very fulfilling and wonderful experience for me. I’ve met some lifelong friends that have supported me through some rough quarters. I would say get involved, read those bathroom calendars, make friends with everyone, and take a breath and a minute for yourself. Everyone you meet at school has homework. Don’t let that be your excuse to not have some fun and meet new people.” –Heather Leasure

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