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Clark College Found in Violation of Non-Discrimination Policy

Interim President, Sandra Fowler-Hill, informs college community of the Sept. 3 Board of Trustees Decision. (Photo Courtesy of Clark College)

An email sent out on Sept. 4, 2019, by Interim President Sandra Fowler-Hill disclosed that the Clark College Board of Trustees decided that Clark violated the non-discrimination policy regarding the salary of an employee.

It is not yet clear as to how they violated the policy.

The Interim President stated in the email they have since remedied the situation and,- due to other concerns from the report, the Board has also directed the college to make policy changes. The changes include establishing a set process for complaints made against the Board of Trustees, College President, or Executive Cabinet members, as well as establishing standard practices for setting compensation for employees serving in interim positions. Lastly, they directed the college to add in any other measures in the policy necessary to avoid other occurrences of discrimination.

“I cannot comment on the report or the investigation except where it pertains to policy and process. It is paramount that we, as a college, protect our employees’ right to confidentiality,” Fowler-Hill said in the email.

Though they are not releasing the report, it will be available to media outlets through public records. The Indy has requested this report and will release a follow-up article concerning the information given in that report.

“Clark College is committed to making this a safe, inclusive learning environment for all our employees, faculty and our students. We commit to supporting diversity and equity in everything we do. I thank you for the work you do,” Fowler-Hill closed the email.

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