A Closer Look at Clark’s Bachelor’s of Applied Management Program

Students who are looking to complete a four-year bachelor degree while staying at a community college have a few choices at Clark, including the Bachelors of Applied Science in Applied Management (BASAM) degree.

Clark Fiscal Analyst Hannah Throop is one such student who benefited from the options for degree programs at Clark. Throop is a graduate of the Bachelors of Applied Science degrees offered at Clark, where she studied applied management before going on to study public affairs at WSU Vancouver.

Hannah Throop is a fiscal analyst at Clark College.
(Courtesy/Hannah Throop)

“I enjoyed it a lot,” Throop said. “My favorite courses were my criminal law class and my corrections class that I took at WSU Vancouver. At Clark I enjoyed finance, accounting and the interpersonal communications class.”

Throop also enjoyed working with a number of her instructors, she said.    

“The professors I liked were my interpersonal communications professor, Deena Godwin, and Julie Lamonde who does the finance and accounting portion of the BASAM field,” she said. “She’s just a really good mentor as well of a good professor. She’s very knowledgeable, very friendly, approachable, so she was my favorite.”

Throop shared her story about why she chose public affairs and applied management.

“I was interested in politics when I was little. My dream was to go to law school someday and get into government work, and maybe even run for Senate,” Throop said. “But life happens. I graduated, got married and had kids, so you don’t always fall on the track that you think you will. That’s how I ended up doing management and this program opened up.”

Patricia Serrano, the director of the BASAM program, hosted an information session about the Applied Management program on May 23 for prospective students to learn more about the program.  

Serrano, a business administration professor at Clark spoke about how she was nominated to lead a team of five people, then later was asked by the dean and division chair to direct the program after the team disbanded.

“I think it’s important because community colleges are known for providing students with access. If you want to take five classes and have a career, that’s fine. If you want to take one or two years that’s fine,” Serrano said. “Now you have a choice of four years and it provides you with more opportunities and more choices.”

Serrano added how she liked seeing the theory of the program being applied in real life circumstances.

“A theory from a book is really good, but now you have to work with a team of students or on our internship of making that application work in the real world, and especially to your specific skill set,” she said.

Clark student Yanfei Lu also attended the BASAM information session. Lu discussed why she’s considering the program.

“I have 20 years of experience in business, so this applied management program is a great fit for me. I’m from China, so English is my second language. I want to work with people here in the US to improve my English,” Lu said. “I also think it would help me communicate with my son better. He’s Chinese, but he was raised in the United States so he has an American mindset.”

Serrano said that the program offers local students the option to stay home and pursue their degree at a lower price.

“I think it satisfies the needs of a lot of students,” she said.

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