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Come Get Free Snacks for Clark Students at the Penguin Union Hall!

Picture is of a woman Shalana Marshall seen through a roll up windown under a sign The Snack Shack
Shalana Marshall part of the ASCC Student Government is in her last quarter at Clark. She said she hopes that buy helping in The Snack Shack she is helping future students. (Jeni Banceu/The Indy)

The ASCC and Penguin Pantry have launched a pilot program called, “The Snack Shack.”

The Snack Shack is located in PUB 163, also known to some as the club locker room. As the name implies it will be a place were all students can come by and grab a snack. For the rest of this quarter they will be open on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

ASCC Finance Director, Shalana Marshall, has been working the Tuesday morning shift and said that people have been surprised there was even a window there, but it seems to be a great spot. At first the ASCC and Penguin Pantry considered moving the entire spot to a more central location but decided on having The Snack Shack open on the mornings the pantry is closed.

When it is not open, the roll up window is easy to miss. (Jeni Banceu/The Indy)

If the pilot program shows that there is a need for this service, students could see it become a permanent program next year. Director of Student Life, Sarah Gruhler, said that in order to be successful, the program will not only have to show a need but also keep up the ability to provide snacks.

“Just like The Penguin Pantry is for any student, The Snack Shack is for anyone as well,” Gruhler said.





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