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Clark Machining Technology Professor Given Termination Notice

Pat Sevier speaks to board members, “It just seems like sometimes decisions are made and the unintended consequence of those are maybe not thought out because you’re going to cut machining,” Sevier said. “You got the industrial maintenance technology people that need these classes, so what are they going to do? I mean, has that been thought out? Have you got a plan for that?” (Theresa McGuire/The Indy)

Machining Technology Professor Pat Sevier, a Clark employee of 19 years was given his termination notice just before the Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday night.

Sevier said the notice was not a complete surprise. He knew there was a budget shortfall and that his position would be cut, but he ultimately he received his termination notice because he did not understand the process.

“I tried to find these, these procedures anywhere, everywhere on the web and I can’t find them,” he said.

Sevier did not put his name on the Riff list yet because he thought that he had more time. According to AHE representative Kimberly Sullivan, the Riff list lets the college know that a professor whose job is ending is also qualified to teach in other areas. Sevier said that he thought that he had until the end of the quarter.  “That’s just it,” he said. “I don’t really know the process.”

Sevier’s current understanding is that he has ten days to contest his termination letter.

“I just thought it was a raw deal,” he said. “ I guess I made some assumptions.” According to Sevier, when a program ends the current students still get to finish the program. He thought that he would be able to stay on board until those students finished. Now he is aware that the college can have an adjunct finish out the program.

Sevier did not let the bad news stop him from having his voice heard at the board meeting along with other faculty and supporters.



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