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Participate in Free Comic Book Day!

On Saturday, May 4, comic book stores around North America will be giving out free comic books. According to the ‘Free Comic Book Day’ website, the 17th annual event is intended to introduce new readers to comics.

Attendees can expect to walk away from participating locations with at least one comic.

Christina Odom, one of the owners and managers of ShadowWalkers Comics in Battle Ground, WA says comics cover subjects that touch people.

“Comics bring awareness to different topics like bullying, black history, LGBTQ+ people, and suicide awareness,” Odom said.

ShadowWalkers Comics started in 1994 in California before relocating to Washington in 2011. The store has always seen a huge turnout for Free Comic Book Day, she said.

“We get a lot of new faces, a lot of little faces. It’s awesome to see young kids freaking out over a comic book,” she said. “It also promotes reading comprehension.”

Along with comprehension, Odom said that children find new self-value in comics.

“Little girls understand they can be superheroes too,” she said. “Anyone can be a superhero!”

Comics are important to many people, including Justice Bolton, a frequent visitor to ShadowWalkers.

Bolton comes to ShadowWalkers two to three times a week to play Magic: the Gathering, a card game, as well as read and purchase comics. He said his favorites are Avengers and Captain Marvel.

“I almost live here,” Bolton said. “Comics relate to actual life. It’s more than superheroes fighting bad guys. It’s about real life.”You can find participating comic book stores near you here. Go grab your free comics!

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