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Overcoming All Odds

Artfully tattooed along her arm are the scripted words, “And still I rise”, reminding Olivia Chambers that through all her struggles she still wakes up and works hard to succeed. Her style is as genuine as her personality.

Every day she puts forth an effort into her appearance with her picture perfect purple hair and flawless contoured makeup.

Standing strong through many hardships, Chambers continues to work two jobs, pursue her education and raise her three young children. Her family has suffered through the loss of her eldest children’s father, long lasting financial battles and a serious health condition all before age 27.  

“I want to ultimately bring to light the realities of addiction and hopefully change some minds about the way we as a society treat addicts,” Chambers said. She is considering attending the addiction counseling program at Clark.

Olivia Chambers working her cheese master job at Fred Myer (Cat Duque/The Indy)
Olivia Chambers working her cheese master job at Fred Myer (Cat Duque/The Indy)

She also has a passion for photography. “Creativity is a huge quality that Oliva possesses,” Adrean Myers, Chambers older sister said. “She sees the beauty in things, and is able to capture that beauty when she takes pictures.”

Health and financial hardship plague Chambers constantly. In Feb. 2018 she suffered a heart attack that left her financially drained and forced her to rearrange life.

In 2012 her two oldest children’s father died leaving her a single mother.

“I didn’t qualify for state assistance and social security could do nothing to help me financially care for them so I have had to bare that burden on my own since then,” Chambers said.

Olivia and her olderst son Gordon at her Fred Meyr's job (Cat Duque/The Indy)
Olivia and her olderst son Gordon at her Fred Meyr’s job (Cat Duque/The Indy)

Working full time at Fred Meyer, Chambers has been granted the unofficial title of “cheese master,” for her knowledge of the science and history of cheese. Her employee badge is printed with a quote from her favorite show, “The Office.”

“Be your best Beyonce” – Michael Scott.

On the weekends, she leaves her cheese master job and goes straight to her part-time job delivering pizza in her 2015 Nissan Altima.

On days she is not working intense hours or going to classes, she is spending time with her beloved family.

“Running errands, taking 10-year-old Gordon to swimming lessons, eight-year-old Evelyn to gymnastics all with two-year-old Prince in tow.”

Sometimes they like to just spend quality time together with her boyfriend, Frankee.

“Olivia is really dedicated to anything she does and she deserves everything good,” Caitlynn Foss, Chamber’s niece said.

Foss describes Chambers as her best friend and knows everything about her.

At the end of the day Chambers knows she has too much on her plate and feels guilty for not spending more time with her children.

“I want to be a role model for my kids and let them know that if you want to be successful, you have to put aside excuses,” she said. “Don’t let your circumstances run your life.”

Each day Olivia chooses to complete the tasks set before her. Each day she still rises.

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